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Internship in Machine Learning

Are you obsessed with the possibilities of the emerging fields of artificial intelligence? Do you believe we can design & develop our own futures? Are you proactive and passionate?

We’re looking for an aspiring ML Scientist who has a talent for problem solving, a keen interest in technology, and wants to help deliver real world solutions using data.

Who are we?

We are the DEUS initiative, and we are all about exploring AI in the service of humanity. No, we are not calling ourselves gods(!), but our name is a reference to ‘deus ex machina’ (god from the machine in Latin). We believe that artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing will have a massive impact on the way we live, and we want to make sure that we create a positive impact on the world with these AI services.

As a happy coincidence, DEUS is also an acronym representing the 4 key disciplines we believe are important to building successful AI services: Data / Engineering / User-experience design / Strategy.

DEUS is a new initiative, but the founders have been working together for years so there is a family feel to the company. We have a beautiful head office right in the historical central canals of Amsterdam, and we are currently establishing our second base in Porto.

Who are you?

You’re currently studying Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence or a related field, either a bachelor or master degree and are looking for an internship to get some key industry experience, and/or to do your bachelor project or master thesis.

You are interested in exploring the state-of-the-art technology in machine learning, and applying it to optimise processes in industry and beyond. Together with the engineering team we are working on projects for industrial clients that use natural language processing (search, question answering, and text categorisation) and computer vision. We are also actively exploring recent developments in fair machine learning, to bridge the gap between research and industry.

You’ll join a small but fast-growing data science team (the D in DEUS), responsible for methodology and implementation of various AI projects. Some examples of tasks would be reviewing literature, setting up experiments, conducting error analysis, contributing to the code base, and collaborating closely with other teams to make things happen.

...and some more points:

  • Excellent written and verbal English is the only core requirement, but Dutch and any other languages are always a bonus
  • Bonus points for previous experience with machine learning frameworks, databases, programming languages (e.g., Python, Java), cloud computing, best practices in software development
  • Knowledge of ML fundamentals, an interest in NLP and computer vision applications
  • note: If you don’t feel that you perfectly fit the description above, but you have some other background or skillset that you think could be of interest, please still get in touch!

We are dedicated to making a friendly and inclusive workplace. To put it bluntly, there is an unwritten ‘no assholes’ policy that applies to both ourselves and our clients, as we always want to enjoy our team dynamic. We do trips, conferences and events together on a regular basis, and we are always committed to cultivating a company that embraces differences. We strongly believe in flexibility, and you will be given a lot of freedom while translating complicated problems into easy-to-use products. This means managing your own priorities, trying out new things and working a flexible hours’ scheme. Given the present COVID-19 situation, you’ll start working remotely. We are having regular meetings, discussions and online fun activities, and are hoping to be back in the office once the situation is under control.

If this all sounds interesting to you, then please contact us via with a CV and a link to some examples of your work, if available. We would love to hear from you 🙂