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The DEUS initiative

“Artificial Intelligence is changing the world more than anything in the history of humankind. More than electricity.”

AI is on the radar of nearly every organisation and government, and it is prominently featured in news and literature. There is great excitement over the benefits of AI applications, but there is also a lot of noise, and this can make it difficult to separate real potential from hype. How can we distinguish reality from speculative science fiction?

At the DEUS initiative, we challenge ourselves to explore and build AI services to create a positive impact on our future. We connect business, academia and government institutes in exchanging ideas and experiences in developing human(ity)-centered AI applications. Combining data, design and artificial intelligence to solve challenging problems elegantly, ethically and efficiently. The three E’s.


Research:AI in Practice

We are conducting a large scale research with Artificial Intelligence industry leaders across Europe, mapping out AI in Practice. The research explores real, actionable steps for establishing AI initiatives that create true value for organisations and people.

Through the AI in Practice initiative, we will be creating a knowledge exchange platform [codenamed Pantheum] allowing key learnings in the field of AI to be shared across businesses, government institutions and academia.

10 commandments
Our first release, “10 commandments for creating business value with artificial intelligence” is now available! Get your copy of the publication here.

Ideas, suggestions or want to contribute to the research initiative? Send us a message at

sitas hominum audientia

The Humanity-CenteredAI Podcast

The Human(ity)-centered AI podcast brings you in-depth interviews with industry leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We explore how leading organisations establish AI initiatives and unlock value on their digital platforms. Initial deep-dives cover topics such as Explainable AI, Ethics & Bias, AI Marketplaces and Green AI. Whether you are just beginning your exploration into artificial intelligence, or trying to separate the real from the hype, there is something for you.

Listen to it on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts from.

futura omnia creavit

Designing futures for all of us.


85% of CEOs agree that AI will significantly change the way they do business within 5 years.


AI initiatives will add an estimated $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Creating efficient, ethical and elegant AI solutions requires a very specific set of skills, and at the DEUS initiative we have grouped these into 4 core disciplines. Our team covers all these expertises, and we are also experienced in supporting your internal talent with the missing elements needed to deliver.


Leverage your own data and access info streams from anywhere.


Core technical capabilities are integrated for real results.


Service design methodologies unlock insights and opportunities.


Create elegant experiences that are desirable, viable and feasible.

et discipuli

The core team

The DEUS initiative team is a powerhouse machine that has been working together for years, designing and delivering solutions that have true impact. Each team member brings a key specialisation and verified industry experience in their respective fields, but most importantly they collaborate like a dream.

Ron Vrijmoet

Capite Procuratio

As Managing partner, Ron is one of the key digital leaders of the NL and brings over 30 years experience in establishing and running creative technology agencies.

Nathalie Post

Quaestus Opifex

As Strategic lead, Nathalie represents the value architecture lens and champions the viability of the potential AI services and solutions.

Richard Olyerhoek

Caput Operandi

As the Head of Operations, Richard has a deep background in setting up structures, establishing processes and empowering human talent.

Danny Verloop

Aedificavit Machinis

Danny is the Head of Technology, bringing IT management & hands-on coding skills through leading the Google stack team at Accenture Interactive and CTO at Smartify.

Nick Mueller

Vox Humana

As the ‘voice of the humans’, Nick is a product & service design director with over 2 decades of global experience and a few awards on the wall.

Sophia Katrenko

Capite Notitia

As Head of Data Science, Sophia brings a PhD in Natural Language Processing and 20+ years of Data Science experience at global organisations.

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Contact us

Want to learn more about the DEUS initiative, collaborate with us, or find out how we can help you? Message us at:

Call Ron +31 650 46 26 37

or visit us at Keizersgracht 475, 1017 DL Amsterdam, NL

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